Snoopers Charter The Investigatory Powers Bill

It’s blackmail plain and simple. We have your information and if you misbehave we will use it against you. You won’t know if we’re looking at you, tracking you or how we’re interpreting the data. We’ve got the drop on you, every one of you, we think you stink, we think you pen and ink..

Fair enough, Theresa May, I’m up for that. If you look at me then I can look at you. Show me every email  you’ve ever sent. Show me what websites you and your staff visit and their complete browsing history. Odds on I can use that information to construct a little story that’ll make you look bad in court. Give me the drop on you, every one of you, because I know you stink, I know you pen and ink. Equality of procedure under the law. The worst I’ve ever done is read a little Bakunin. Can you say the same?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours..

Read Silkie Carlo of Liberty on Huffington writing about the Investigatory Powers Bill Silkie Carlo