Death to all Fanatics – becoming what you most despise

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Death to all fanatics

That’s what I say

No matter to whom or what

They bend and pray

Death to all fanatics

That’s what I say

I’ll just put a gun to my head

And be on my way…


Genetic disposition for making the wrong magical prediction

I’ve been pondering on quantum mechanics and relativity

And others definitely live in other worlds to me

There’s no need to step into another universe

I enter otherworlds whenever I converse…

With Daily Mail or Telegraph readers

Or virgin birth or miracle believers

Worlds that are defined by different rules

Knowledge that is learnt at other schools

Where collective belief makes fiction fact

And fact and fiction interact

If enough believe a fiction is true

Then in that world it is a world view

Science and magic are pretty much the same

The only difference is a name

In the search for truth and causality

Scientific fact is the casualty

Our genetic disposition to find logicality

A logical progression and synchronicity

To explain away seemingly random events

Is what, in the end, completely prevents

Any science

Our science fabricates fictions

Which cause frictions

And the wrong predictions