Money is Magic

“A universe is created by the participation of the participants” I’d love to say I thought that one up but I didn’t. Don’t know exactly where I got it from but I think it might have been Robert Anton Wilson. Related to this is “Money is the Schrodingers cat of economics”, again, probably the same source. Money is magic. It doesn’t actually physically exist. Beyond a small piece of paper promising to make payment, it has no actual value. No bank actually has enough reserves to cover its lending. There are no underlying assets that back money up. This is something that conservative politicians, particularly in the United Kingdom, understand. When they are asked to publish their personal income, they are happy to, they have nothing to protect. Their wealth consists of physical assets. To them, bankers are grubby spivs, who pursue an illusion, personal monetary wealth. By implication, they probably think pretty much the same of the rest of us.

Money is magic

It doesn’t really exist

The cruellest of any

Cruel, cruel twist

A bubble to burst

None dare be first

To challenge superstition

And an empty supposition

Money is magic

Money is magic

Money is magic

Say it three times three

And it will flood

 In the direction of me