Basic income and the exponential development of technology

I’m getting a little bit anxious. I have seen the future and it might just be  bleak. I used to think technology would free us all. A few years back, you would look at developments in China or the Arab spring and you would begin to think that social media, the internet and technology would turn even the most entrenched despotic regimes into liberal, secular western style democracies. The opposite seems to be true. Western style, liberal, secular democracies are becoming more despotic.

The UK government wants access to your browsing history. It wants to know if you are an existing or potential threat.

Money is increasingly becoming digitised. Convenient but removing your ability to vote with your feet. No way to remove your cash (it won’t exist) from your more than slightly untrustworthy bank. The government controls and dictates the money supply and interest rates.

Technology and robotics are advancing at an exponential rate. Jobs for life long gone. Lucky to have job security for more than a week. No more working classes. No more bargaining power at the palace gates.

At the risk of sounding like a closet Marxist (I’m not), I don’t own the means of production, you don’t own the means of production, the means of production are owned by a remote corporation, a government or a bank. They won’t need to pay you wages (robotics). They really won’t need to share. Beginning to think that basic income might be the only way out. See Scott Statens Freakanomics and Guardian for more information..




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